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BUSI 1020: Business Communications (Will Thurber)

Business Librarian

Business Journal Articles

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Find journal articles, news stories, company, country or industry profiles and more in these databases.

Know the article your are looking for? Use the Citation Locator. For more help visit Find Articles.


Evaluate Your Sources

  1. Checklist IconAuthor
  • What are the author's credentials and affiliations?
  • Is the publisher or journal known and reputable?


  1. Publisher
  • Who is the publisher? Are they reputable? It is an academic press?


  1. Accuracy
  • Does the author provide references to support their statements?
  • Is the source peer-reviewed? (Has the information been verified by other professionals or researchers in the field?)


  1. Currency
  • How current does your information need to be?
  • What is the publication date?
  • Is the information outdated?
  • Is it a key historical piece of literature on your topic?


  1. Coverage
  • Who is the audience: the general public, professionals, or researchers?
  • Is the information general or in-depth?


  1. Point of View
  • Is the information balanced and without bias?
  • Does the author have a specific goal or objective? (For example: to persuade, to entertain, to inform?)

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Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License