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Citation for Engineering and Energy

A guide to using citation styles in Engineering and Applied Science, including those used for standards and patents.

Citation for Engineering and Energy

Welcome to the citation style guide for students in Engineering and Applied Science, Energy Systems and Nuclear Science. A citation serves as a code of sorts, identifying an idea that the writer has gotten from someone else. Citing your sources is extremely important and necessary to avoid plagiarism.

Although every effort has been made to avoid errors in this guide, we encourage you to verify the information contained with the manual/website for your respective citation style itself or with your professor.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism takes various forms, many of which are unintentional. Watch the video below to get a better idea of things to avoid while writing your reports, papers, theses, and dissertations.

Citation Styles Used in Engineering & Energy

There isn't one commonly used citation style for Engineering, but popular ones include:


ASME Citation Style (Mechanical Engineering)

IEEE Citation Style (Electrical Engineering)

APA Citation Style

Chicago Citation Style


Your choice of citation may be dictated by your professor's expectations, the type of information you are presenting, or your personal preference.

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