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Thesis Publishing

Information for graduate students on self-service thesis binding and thesis publishing.

Theses/Dissertations in the Library

An electronic copy of every student thesis/dissertation is forwarded to the Library by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for electronic publication. 

The electronic copy is posted in eScholar, a digital repository of Ontario Tech research provided by the Library. eScholar collects, preserves, and showcases the academic work of the Ontario Tech community, including faculty publications and graduate theses and dissertations. Materials in eScholar are openly available to the world and discoverable through search engines such as Google Scholar. 

In addition, the Library submits student theses and dissertations to Library and Archives Canada, allowing them to become available online on Theses Canada via the Library and Archives Canada's Thesis Canada Program.

Students may also choose to publish their thesis or dissertation through ProQuest free publishing service (optional) in which case they must sign the ProQuest Publishing Agreement license form and return the form to the School of Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies with your thesis/dissertation package.

Students may wish to withhold their thesis/dissertation from publication for a period of time.  Please fill out the Request for Approval to Withhold a Thesis from Publication form and return the form to the School of Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies with your thesis/dissertation package.

Thesis/Dissertation Binding: Personal Print Copies

Students may wish to have their personal copy of their thesis/dissertation bound by an outside company.

Master’s theses are typically bound in royal blue and dissertations are typically bound in black but personal student copies or other copies may be done in colours of your choice.

Here are some options for binding your thesis/dissertation:

Electronic Publishing for Non-Thesis (Master's Projects/Papers)

Students may be required to submit an electronic copy of their project/paper for inclusion in the Library's institutional repository eScholar. Please contact your program office for further information.

The submission must have three files, each in PDF format:

Papers and Projects are not included in Library and Archives Canada Thesis program.


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