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Fake News and Disinformation

This is a guide to discerning fake news, incorrect information, and deliberately presented false information in media, print, and social media.

Why would people believe fake news?

Some factors that lend towards a greater tendency to believing or spreading fake news:
  • Confirmation bias
  • Political partisanship
  • Low education level
  • Low digital literacy
  • Lack of critical thinking
  • Inclination towards sensational news
Articles discussing the causes:

Dangers of Misinformation

What kind of impacts can false information create?
  • Mental and social distress
  • Negative health-related choices
  • Confusion and misunderstanding over important issues
  • Friction and rifts between friends and family
  • Distrust in official and government organizations, media, and scientific findings
  • Gives greater credence to conspiracy theories and hate speech
  • Escalates conflict
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