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Citing Data Sources

Author: Name(s) of each individual or organizational entity responsible for the creation of the dataset.
Date of Publication: Year the dataset was published and disseminated.
Title: Complete title of the dataset, including edition or version number, if applicable.
Publisher and/or distributor: Organizational entity that makes the dataset available for archiving, producing, publishing, and/or distributing.
Electronic Location or Identifier: Web address or unique, persistent global identifier user to locate the dataset (such as a DOI). Append the data retrieved if the title and locator are not specific to the exact instance of the data you used.

Author. (Date). Title of data set (Version number) [Data set]. Publisher name. DOI or URL

Author. (Date.) Title of data set [Unpublished raw data]. Source of Unpublished Data. DOI or URL 

In-text: (Author, Date) 

Example APA (7th edition):

Johnson, T. (2018). Effects of stress on work-from-home parents [Data set]. American Psychological Association.


Creative Commons License

This guide was created by Ontario Tech Libraries and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License, except where otherwise noted. 

Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License

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