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What is Citation?

When you use an idea from a book, article, website or other source, you must say where the idea came from in a citation (also called a reference). 

Style guides will tell you what information to include in a citation. Some common citation styles are APA and MLA. Your instructor will tell you which style to use. 


Source: Modified from images created by Rflorjoaolima and hans draiman from the Noun Project

When to Cite

The Library's APA Citation Style Guide has many citation examples, including books, eBooks, articles, government documents, websites, and online images. For example:



More Online Sources

Here is an infographic that shows you how to cite some online sources. It's from the blog Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Kharbach, M. (2016, December 30). An interesting visual on how to cite online sources in APA style [Blog post]. Retrieved from

There are tools and websites that will create a citation for you. Always remember to check for errors and fix them. 

Google Scholar

Look up a book or article in Google Scholar. Click on Cite.

Copy the citation in the style you want (APA). Correct any errors.

Quick Search

Look up a book or article in Quick Search. ​Click on the folder icon to save it. 

Click on the folder at the top of the page, on the right. 

Choose the citation style you want from the menu (APA). The citation will appear. 

Correct any errors. 


Choose the citation style you want (APA) and the type of source (Journal, Website, Book, etc.). 

Search for your source or type in the important information (title, author, etc.). 

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