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An introduction to patents: what they are, the benefits of including them in your research, where and how to search for them, and the patent application process

Patent Application Resources


For an introduction to the patent application process in Canada, start with CIPO's tutorial and the application section of the Guide to patents.

Tutorial: Your Patent Application | Guide to Patents


United States

USPTO has produced separate online guides for the three types of U.S. patents. 

Utility patents | Design patents | Plant patents



The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) allows you to apply for a patent in multiple countries through your own government's patent office.

Patent Cooperation Treaty Kit 

Protecting Your Investment Abroad: Frequently Asked Questions about the Patent Cooperation Treaty (WIPO)

PCT Applicant's Guide

Who Can Help?

The Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization at Ontario Tech works with inventors to license and commercialize inventions, and liaises with partner organizations to enable the mobilization of research outcomes to the community.


Patent Agents can help clients through the application process (also known as "prosecuting a patent"). CIPO maintains a list of Canadian patent agents who are currently accepting new clients online; a complete list is available through their Client Services Centre.

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