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Research Metrics


Journal Metrics, such as Impact Factor, can help track citation patterns within journals and determine which journals are highly-cited.

Author Metrics measure the impact and productivity of a researcher. 

Article Metrics, or citation tracking, can be used to determine if an article, book, journal, or particular author has been cited by another work.

Altmetrics help researchers measure their impact from papers, data sets, websites, blog posts, and more.

Institution Metrics measure an institution's overall impact based on the publications of its authors and the number of times they have been cited.

Getting Started

This guide provides information about research metrics and links to resources and tutorials. Select your general area of interest from the tabs above, or get started with these tasks:

Article Metrics

Look up a specific article

Author Metrics

Look up a specific author (such as yourself)

Set up researcher profiles and alerts

Journal Metrics

Look up a specific journal

Find a list of top journals in your field

Quick Links


Article citation counts are found in several databases. Find a full list of databases with citation counts in Article Metrics.

Various research metrics tools (free and library-subscribed) are recommended in this guide. 

Support Materials

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This guide was created by Ontario Tech Libraries and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License, except where otherwise noted. 

Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License

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