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Standards and Codes

Links to standards collections licensed by Ontario Tech, explains how to search for and request standards, and provides a brief introduction to standards.

About Techstreet

Techstreet is a company that provides access to standards and codes from over 100 international standards bodies and publishers. Ontario Tech Library has subscribed to Techstreet Enterprise which allows us to build a custom collection of standards based on faculty and student requests and program needs. 

Request a Standard

If you know the exact standard or code that you need, email to request the purchase. See View a Standard below to learn how you will be able to access the standard electronically. 

If you want to verify details about the standard before requesting (version, etc.) follow the steps below under Search the Standards Store

Browse Subscribed Standards

Log in to Techstreet Enterprise:

To view the standards Ontario Tech Library has purchased:

Select Browse from the menu on the top right of the page. Subscribed standards are organized by publisher. 

You can also select View subscription details from the home page (dashboard). 

Note that the Library is in the process of building this custom collection. 

Search the Standards Store

You can go beyond the Library's subscribed standards and search the records of all Techstreet standards available for purchase. 

From the home page (dashboard), use the search bar. 

Search box with search "ISO 14040"

The system will first search for standards the Library has already purchased. Select View Unsubscribed Results.

206 results not in subscription. View unsubscribed results.

From the results, find the standard you want and review the details:

Record for ISO 14040

The record provides information such as major revisions, versions and whether a redline edition is available. 

View a Standard

Once the Library has purchased a standard or code, you can access it from the Techstreet Enterprise dashboard. The dashboard is the first page you see when you log in. 

Viewing Tool  

Many publishers use DRM; their standards can only be viewed if you have first downloaded FileOpen. FileOpen associates the standard with your computer, so you can only view it there. You can download FileOpen from the dashboard.

Download a Standard

From the dashboard, select View subscription details

Techstreet dashboard

Select the publisher or View all products

Click on the title of the standard to see download options. 

Download the document. 

Your Techstreet Account

You have the option of creating a personal Techstreet account, which provides additional features:

  • Lists: Create customized lists of standards. You will automotically receive an email when one of the standards on your list has been updated. 
  • Search History: View your search history and bookmark specific searches
  • Subscription Updates: Opt in to receiving an email whenever a new standard is added to the Library's subscription
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