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Research Data Management

A guide to finding, planning, and sharing research data.

Sensitive Data

Not all data can or need to be open. Neither Scholars Portal Borealis or FRDR are appropriate to store sensitive or restricted data and you will have to de-identify and anonymize your data before you can publish it.

Source: FRDR. (n.d.). Preparing Your Data. FRDR-DFDR. Retrieved January 29, 2021, from

Adapted from Research Data Engagement 

Indigenous Data

Indigenous-owned Data includes data collected from Indigenous People, Indigenous lands, water, and ice. Researchers must receive consent from the affected Indigenous community leaders to share data. This applies to all research conducted with Indigenous-owned Data both in Canada and internationally. 

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Best Practices When Working with Sensitive Data

  • Encrypt computer hard drives and other devices to prevent unauthorized access to information

  • Do not use Dropbox, Google Drive, and other free cloud services to store sensitive data

  • Do not collect personal information unless absolutely necessary and de-identify data immediately. Segregate personal information from the other data collected.

  • For more information refer to the Sensitive Data Toolkit for Researchers by Portage Network Sensitive Data Expert Group

Source: Kaitlyn Gutteridge. (2016). Data Privacy and Information Security: Researcher Checklist. UBC.

Adapted from Research Data Engagement 

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