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Health Physics and Radiation Science

Why Use Books?

Use books for:

  • getting an overview or background information on a topic
  • accessing things like formulas, tables, calculations, and chemical/material properties
  • putting your ideas into context


  • has a wide variety of information (views on a theme, overviews, historical data)
  • has a table of contents and/or index/glossary for easy navigation


  • may not be most current source on a topic (since publication can take years)

Within the book category, there are regular books (on the left) and reference books (on the right). Reference books give broader information, helping to clarify concepts and keywords. Reference books include dictionaries, encyclopaedies, handbooks, manuals, and textbooks.

E-Book Collections

Reference Books

Some of these books may be in the Reference Collection, while others will be shelved in the regular collection, so make sure you check their location in the catalogue. Books in the Reference Collection are not allowed to be signed out.

Accessible Alternate Format Content

The Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) provides alternate formats (PDFs, Daisy, ePub and plain text) for print books in the library collection.

Who can use ACE? Any library user with a documented print disability that is registered with Ontario Tech University's Student Accessibility Services office.

How to use ACE? Contact to receive an ACE token. Once you have your token:

If you have any questions or if the book you need is not available, please contact for assistance.

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