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Research Data Management

A guide to finding, planning, and sharing research data.

Research Data Management Repositories

Find a repository for your discipline or contact your subject librarian for assistance in selecting a repository for your data.

Selecting a Repository

There are many variables that go into selecting a data repository.  Data is usually deposited in a repository near the end of the research life cycle when it is ready for sharing and publication. Librarians can help to guide researchers in selecting an appropriate repository. 

Decision tree designed by Melissa Cuthill and Eugene Barsky, UBC, CC-BY

Selecting Data for Preservation

When deciding what to deposit it is important to prioritize data that are unique or vulnerablehistorically significant or valuable, and support your published (or soon to be published) research. You should also consider the data sharing requirements of your funding or publisher.

The following are general guidelines to consider when deciding what research data to deposit in a dataverse:



  • Original datasets and raw data that cannot be regenerated
  • Non-original datasets that are not easily available online and you have permission to share
  • Codebooks, study descriptions, summary statistics (especially for social science data)

Consider depositing

  • Intermediate versions of analyses that were used in theses or publications and/or may be useful to others
  • Output files from analyses that are difficult or time consuming to recreate from the original data

You do not need to deposit

  • Incomplete, non-functional, or intermediate versions of code that would be of marginal usefulness to others,
  • Charts and graphs that can be easily created from original data
  • Output files from analyses easily recreated from original data
NO Do not deposit any data containing personal identifying information of human subjects

For more information and guidelines see "Selecting data for preservation" and Selecting-for-Deposit-to-SDR by Stanford Libraries Data Management Services.

Adapted from Research Data Engagement 

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