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Science Literacy Week

C is for Climate

Join us as we celebrate Science Literacy Week 2021 September 20th - 26th!

This year the theme is climate.

"Canada is a country that is filled with different climates: we have long, harsh winters in our North, mild and rainy stretches along our Coasts, dry flatland and varied temperatures in our Prairies, and heatwaves and snowstorms along our Southern border! These different climates define Canada’s regions and influence the people, plants and animals that live within them. We’re encouraging Canadians to explore how these climates have evolved over time, how those changes have impacted our lives, and how our climates might change in the future."

Science Literacy Week (n.d.) So, What is Science Literacy Week, Exactly?

What is Science Literacy Week?

"Science Literacy Week showcases the many ways kids and families can explore and enjoy the diversity of Canadian science. Libraries, museums, science centres, schools and not-for-profits come together to highlight the books, movies, podcasts and events that share exciting stories of the science, discoveries and ingenuity shaping our lives. It’s about each and everyone’s unique relationship with science and how they live it."

Science Literacy Week (n.d.) So, What is Science Literacy Week, Exactly?

Join in!

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