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Science Literacy Week

M is for Mathmatics

"Mathematics is the language in which science is written. In its oldest forms, mathematics studies trajectories in space, solves equations, calculates probabilities, generates statistics, and much, much more. Today, mathematics is being used to power the next giant leaps in science and technology: we use algebra and number theory to secure the internet and protect confidential information. We use statistics, geometry, and optimization to produce artificial intelligence, and advances in probability and analysis are being used to create revolutionary quantum computers—just like we used logic and discrete mathematics to develop our earliest computers a century ago. We’re encouraging Canadians to explore mathematics, its modern applications and how this ancient science is the origin of all the technology we know and use today.

This text was developed in collaboration with the Canadian Mathematical Society."

Science Literacy Week (n.d.) So, What is Science Literacy Week, Exactly?

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