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Library Research for Engineering Students

Find information sources for engineering research, evaluate information and get help with citation.

Find Articles

At the results page, you can use the filters on the left to narrow your results, for example:

  • Peer-reviewed Journals (under Availability)
  • Articles (under Resource Type)

Scholarly sources include journal articles, conference papers and theses. See What is a peer reviewed article?

Engineering Databases

While Omni Search lets you search across all Ontario Tech databases, sometimes it's useful to search Engineering or STEM research only. 

Search Tips & Help

General Database Search Tips
  • Use quotation marks to search a phrase like "wind energy conversion." The search tool will look for the words together, not separately.
  • Use the date range filter to get more current results. Do you want to look back 5 years? 10?
  • Look over the results and see what terms the authors are using. You may have searched for "mobile phone" and found that many authors use the term "smart phone." Revise your search.
  • Use OR for similar terms, when you don't care which one the tool retrieves: "mobile phone" OR "smart phone"
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