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Library Research for Engineering Students

Find information sources for engineering research, evaluate information and get help with citation.

Evaluating Websites

When you are deciding whether to use a website as a source, use the questions below to help you evaluate whether it is appropriate for your purpose. 

The CRAAP Test

(Currency - Relevance - Authority - Accuracy - Purpose)

  • Is the information current enough for my purpose?
  • How is the information relevant to my topic?
  • Is the information in depth and detailed enough for my purpose?
  • Does the author have expertise in the subject area?
    • For example: A researcher; a professional in the field
  • Is the creator or publisher of the website trustworthy?
    • For example: An organization or media company with information available; a government body
  • Does the author support statements with evidence?
  • Does the author use trustworthy information sources?
  • Does the author provide citations/references?
  • Do you notice any errors? (Spelling, facts you can check)
  • Is the author unbiased, presenting different viewpoints fairly?
  • What is the author's main purpose in writing?
    • To provide information, or to sell a product, entertain or persuade?

Adapted from: Seneca Libraries. Evaluating websites; LMU Library, RADAR. Both via The Learning Portal, Evaluate for quality

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